Chi siamo

Restless Architect of Human Possibilities s.a.s. (R.A.H.P. s.a.s.) was formally founded in February 2002. It has its registered office in Sassari, via Pietro Nenni n. 6. However, the founders, since January 1983, when the first issue of the scientific journal Caleidoscopio was published, were engaged in the field of training. In the following years, thanks also to Cav Marco Pater, Administrator of Medical Systems SpA, who was enlightened an inspirer and mentor for all of us, it has developed by establishing scientific and collaborative relationships on four continents.

La nostra mission

Our mission is to develop healthcare culture and the constant updating of health personnel (doctors, biologists, laboratory technicians, nurses, etc.). The project must be framed in the perspective of the continuous improvement of health services and is developed by trying to progressively introduce innovative and interactive teaching methods, and enhancing the problem solving skills of the participants with the aim of inducing their real behavioral change.

In addition, as part of a broader Health Promotion project, the Company studies and plans courses and interventions for the population, also in collaboration with local administrations.

Gli Obbiettivi

The objectives are pursued through the planning and implementation of courses, congresses, symposia in residential form. The training activities were held until 2011 in the sphere of the program of the Ministry of Health, Continuing Medical Education (CME). Currently, after careful assessment of the experience gained in ten years, also as a provider of the Lombardy Region and the Veneto Region, we have preferred to abandon the system.

La nostra storia

The Company has organized accredited courses in the national system (CME). In the past he also worked with the Veneto regional system where he was accredited as a Provider and with the Lombardy regional system (CME) where he had his own training center.

In the course of these years of activity, at the end of 2017, R.A.H.P. sas had organized over a thousand and six hundred courses throughout the country, with the participation of more than 57,000 health workers for a total of about eighteen thousand training hours and over two thousand classroom days. The educational objective is also pursued with the care, implementation and publication of scientific journals: there were nine until 2010 and among these a series in Spanish language distributed in Spain and South America and one in English, distributed in the United States, and two magazines were the Italian edition of prestigious magazines published in the United States.


Over the years, the Company has supported the activities of numerous major companies operating both nationally and internationally. The first, and the main, was Medical Systems SpA based in Genoa, since 1983 and then many others: Astra Zeneca, A. Menarini Farmaceutici, Abbot Diagnostici, Aventis-Sanofi, Bayer Diagnostici, Beckman Coulter, Centro Medico Oplonti, Comune di Sorso, Cosmed srl, Cristoforo Colombo s.r.l., Eurospital, Federazione Italiana Scuole Materne (FISM), Federazione Sindacati Indipendenti (FSI), Genedia, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nursind, Pantec, Perkinelmer, Pfizer Italia SpA, Radim, Roche, SEAC , Schering Plough, Segretariato Italiano Giovani Medici (SIGM), SPA Farmaceutici, Tosoh, Università degli Studi di Siena, Università degli Studi di Milano, Valeas Spa, SALC SPA. Finally, in 2017, it opened a new intervention front as a consultant for training and innovation in a major Chinese hospital in the province of Yunnan where it has already intervened to map resources and skills and to identify the training needs that led to to a first intervention carried out in September 2018.

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